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About Us

GoVine is an integrated winery search, directory and social media company that connects consumers and wineries through trusted content, local expertise and user-friendly tools.

Govine is both a provider of in-depth winery information and a local wine region directory on the web, supplying information for Napa Valley and coming soon for every domestic wine region. Govine empowers users to make informed decisions about where to spend their time and money. We enable visitors to book reservations at wineries, restaurants, lodging and lifestyle businesses for a complete wine country experience.

GoVine provides wine enthusiasts and winery visitors with comprehensive information about the wine country. Our user-friendly tools help consumers research, plan and book their wine country trip with an active social network to share their experience with friends, wineries, affiliates and other GoVine members.

GoVine allows wineries and affiliates to access a wide variety of consumer segments; wine consumers, winery visitors, bloggers and wine related businesses through our social network and marketing activities. While our user-friendly marketing tools provide customizable campaigns and in-depth consumer analysis and reporting.

Giving Back:

GoVine is dedicated to philanthropic activities that will make a difference to our members, winery partners, community and planet. We welcome solicitation for charitable events and will do what we can to help.